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HendrixHM @TheBreweryLad I wondered why it wos so hot in there @SEEssexCAMRA @SouthBenSocClub
HendrixHM @TheBreweryLad you might be in greece again..
HendrixHM @TheBreweryLad @SEEssexCAMRA @SouthBenSocClub Your call now captain, I didn't bother you in greece.. :-) Throw some fucks into Ged.
HendrixHM Well rooty toot toot. The Hopmonster made it!! @TheBreweryLad @SEEssexCAMRA @SouthBenSocClub
HendrixHM New beers from Georges. To commemorate the start of WW1 & to celebrate our Saxon prince. @SEEssexCAMRA@TheBreweryLad
Top 5 Beers of All Time

What are your top 5 beers of all time?

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Harvey's Sussex Best
Hop Back Summer Lightning
Purple Moose Dark Side of the Moose
Flowerpots IPA
Spectrum Brewery's Old Stoat Wobbler
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jVS by

Whats new Boo Boo?

Wakering British Legion Fest

See you there.. got some rareties are far flung ale's...