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HendrixHM Hendrix and Jamsie floated off Wallasea in a beautiful pea green boat. They'd took some money but not much hunny, in fact just a £5 note.
HendrixHM One wild day! Wallasea island today. Come meet Georges brewery and enjoy the show @TheBreweryLad @SouthBenSocClub @MaldonCAMRA
HendrixHM I must be a complete shit for brains. I've got the cheapest cash till in the world. Can I work it? Bollox. @TheBreweryLad @SEEssexCAMRA
HendrixHM Wallasea Island tomo. Real Beer, 7 hours of live music, birds, wildlife, sex and tons of scenery.. er lied about sex.. @SEEssexCAMRA
HendrixHM Georges brewery are not accepting any "Private number or Unknown number" calls on our mobs anymore. Too much marketing shyte.@SEEssexCAMRA
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Harvey's Sussex Best
Hop Back Summer Lightning
Purple Moose Dark Side of the Moose
Flowerpots IPA
Spectrum Brewery's Old Stoat Wobbler
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jVS by

The great Wallasea washout.

Hendrix and Jamsie floated off Wallasea in a beautiful pea green boat. They'd took some money but not much hunny, in fact just a £5 note. 
The organisers asked me a year ago to do the bar straight after the last event. I told them I would not do a bar there again unless it had live music. Last year had none for the first time and it was dire. The point being that if the weather turns, people will take cover for a while. If there is music in the beer tent they will sit and watch and have a drink and give it 45 mins to an hour to see if the weather cheers up. If no music they will give it 15 mins then bugger off home. They called me 6 months later and asked again, i told them the same, no bar from me if no music. 2 months ago they called, no bar if there is no music. Last month they called and told me triumphantly “there will be 7 hours of live music!!” That’ll do nicely I said, I’ll be there. Woo hoo..
I got there at 10.30, a tiny bit late as I like to be there at 10 for a nice easy setup. My tables were all set ready to go in the official beer tent and we unloaded and set up. The WI were setup in the other corner with their Tea urn and boxes of Mr Kipling cakes (I enquired if they were home made and they confessed they were not). I noticed the band were set up outside the tent under a small garden gazebo. When I asked why I was told that the WI had insisted they were put outside the tent in case they were too noisy... wuh?
When it started to rain they had to stop playing as they had no cover really what with all the electrics etc.., the gazebo was more of a bit of shade from the sun. The WI and we were ok as we were in a proper marquee. The crowds came in as it rained,  the band stopped playing and after 15 mins of silently looking at each other the crowds began to leave... as predicted.
A year of planning and sticking to my guns, 3 days organisation for the outside bar all thwarted by 4 old dears and a tea urn. They were set up in the wrong tent really cos as it said on the big A board outside, this is THE FREAKING BEER tent... There were 4 other tents they could have been in. What goes together like bacon and eggs? Beer, Bands and Music.. Not tea urns, blue rinse’s and Mr Kipling...
Can’t wait till they ring me and ask if I’ll do it again next year...
'Nuff said