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HendrixHM @YodelOnline leave it at the newsagents in the High St
HendrixHM @YodelOnline i'll repeat myself then. He can't find us, not yesterday when it registered as a failed delivery and not today from our High St
HendrixHM @YodelOnline please leave the parcel JD00 022 513 9901 9565 at the local post office/news shop if he can't contact us.
HendrixHM @YodelOnline sure, deliver my parcel.. the van has been seen today on our High St but can't find us. 07771 871255 to guide him in.
HendrixHM Yodel, can't find their own arse with both hands..

Christmas gift pack Hugh...?

Come and get them while they're hot, they're lovely, 3 packs, 4 packs, 500ml packs, 330ml Strong ale packs, packs with Logo'd Pint Glasses, packs with Logo'd 330ml stemmed glasses, big one's small one's some as big as your head.. even Hugh's got one...

Brewery open Saturday's on the run up to chrimbo 10 til 13.00





New low alcohol beer.

Whoops...! Sorry Mr Prime Minister, I was trying to brew a 2.8% like you want us all to drink like good little clones..devil



330ml Bottles only for this naughty boy..